I am an artist and designer based in New York City and Karachi. My design practice is an attempt to merge distinct realities to find a calming center. 

At Work & Co, I worked with incredible clients like Gatorate, Mayo Clinic, and Audacy. Before that I was at Daily Harvest

At Pratt, I combined my interests in sensors, wearables, and health tech with my experience as a cancer survivor to build an early cancer detection system

I studied Economics at UIUC and bring a practical, cost-conscious, and sustainable solution for my clients -- I recently created the brand identity for a new Toronto restaurant, Chick Bites.  

I am an avid reader and have built websites for authors and book clubs

I’m a photographer (Setting up shop in Karachi) and a painter

Pakistani design heritage is a passion of mine and for my fellowship at Third Eye, I designed a photo-book to highlight Urdu calligraphy and traditional South Asian titles and patterns. 

I’m always keen to chat about new projects and collaborations, please do reach out and say hello!